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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 15, 2020

Melahni Ake believes that every single person can be a leader in your life. As a child, she spent 12 years on a boys hockey team and learned early the value of having a giving attitude where she contributed to the well being of a team, not just look out for herself.

Melahni Ake started the Everyday Leaders podcast in January 2018 with a 50 in 50 series to celebrate leaders and her 50th birthday. Three months later, she was  eliminated from her corporate job, being told she was told she had no value in the company. Listen to hear how Melahni took this blessing and is now creating a splash in the leadership space.


2:51 A giving/serving attitude
3:27 The side effects of turning 50
05:56 Colonel Sanders
09:29 Curve balls and challenges
11:47 Everyday leaders
15:49 The radish effect
17:34 Eliminated
22:07 Owning the belief… or not…
27:58 Make Connections for Life
29:58 How threats fuel creativity
31:50 Expanding our capacity
32:29 Learning about forgiveness
37:25 Expectations

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