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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Apr 21, 2024

“Most people never live. They want to run from the worst thing that can happen. They don't embrace it so then your mind is always worrying and anxious… But you can make it through if the worst thing happens. — Why worry? It's worse than death.” —Nate Auffort

Up to 90 percent of our daily decisions are...

Apr 14, 2024

“If you want to have a vision, you have to look forward. Vision does not look back.” —Scott Reib

Legal protection is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of building a successful business. Without the proper structures in place, entrepreneurs expose not only their business but their personal assets to undue risk....

Apr 7, 2024

“You can never lose if you are constantly giving. It was more than just giving away prizes; it was giving away as much value as possible.” —Luke Lintz

We all want to grow, but allowing emotions to dictate choices frequently results in self-sabotage. Gaining clarity on your core values and beliefs through...