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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 23, 2022

“You are so deserving of a life that you love. You're so deserving of a life that excites you. When you make the decision that you deserve that and you start to own that, things will just flow into your life differently.” -Stu Massengill


The life you deserve is a decision you have to make. 

But the reality is that decision-making can be almost impossible when everything is a blur. It's hard to know what direction to take when we feel like we have no idea where we're going.  

We all have moments when we feel like we're spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere. Maybe we're trying to do too much at once and can't figure out how to prioritize. Maybe we're overwhelmed by the complexity of life and don't know where to start. Maybe we've been told that we should be doing something else, but we just don't want to give up on what brought us here in the first place— the idea that maybe there's more than one way for us to live our lives.

But maybe it's not the thing itself that needs work; maybe it's our approach to it that needs some fresh thinking. It might seem impossible right now, but we can get through this!

This week, Daniel sits with the host of the Finding Direction Podcast, Stu Massengill. Tune in as Daniel and Stu help us identify the reasons we get lost sometimes, how we can reshape our identity and reframe our focus, how we can create leverage for ourselves, and how auditing, acting, and adapting can point us to the right direction. 

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Episode Highlights:

02:21 Why People Get Lost

07:56 How to Reshape Your Identity

11:53 Create a Leverage for Yourself

17:06 Pick Your Discomfort

23:13 How to Adapt

27:11 Create a Forward Momentum

31:47 Shift Your Focus

36:12 When Old Identity Creeps In

39:23 Make Someone Smile