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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Mar 22, 2022

“You're better than you think you are. Don't use that as an excuse not to continue getting better, but use that as a reason to continue to be the best person you were actually created to be. Don't undervalue yourself.” -M. Curtis McCoy


PICTURE THIS: A young boy sitting on the bathroom floor with a loaded pistol handed by his abusive father, who told him to do the world a favor. That boy had a choice to end his suffering right then and there or write a different narrative for himself. Thankfully, that boy was wise and bold. Only a few knew of this story, but now M. Curtis McCoy, a best-selling self-help author & the host of “Success, Motivation & Inspiration” is ready to unveil more of his story and how we should not let our mistakes, upbringing, or trauma define us. 


However, it can be hard to not identify ourselves by these experiences that shaped our lives. This can create self-esteem issues that may stay with us even if we don’t consciously think about them. It is also one of the biggest reasons why it’s difficult to change our identities and move forward with life, and this hinders what we could be now and in the future. 


Listen in as Daniel and Curtis share how to change our story, overcome victim mentality, what action steps to take in order to move forward, develop patience rather than succumb to instant gratification, deal with a loss, and finally, reframe how we think about any given situation. 


Forgive yourself for that defining thing of your past. Identify what defines you now, and celebrate it! 

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Episode Highlights:

03:46 A Rough Childhood

10:22 Shed the Labels Off 

16:02 Get Out of Victim Mentality 

22:30 Hold On To Faith

30:48 Don’t Discredit Yourself 

38:08 Don’t Undervalue Yourself