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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Mar 1, 2022

“Rich and wealth equal choice…. The power of choice is where we live, what we do…” -Gary Barnes 


The word “wealth” gets thrown around a lot, and it sometimes causes confusion about what it really means to be wealthy. You can be rich with money but still poor in terms of the abundance of happiness, health, and peace of mind that come from true wealth. 


In this episode, Daniel discusses wealth in its very essence with sales and business coach, international speaker, and author, Gary Barnes. Daniel and Gary will take you through the stages of creating true wealth and how to overcome obstacles in each stage. They start with understanding the difference between riches and wealth, breaking money patterns we’ve learned from our parents and creating a new perspective for the coming generations, determining the barriers to creating wealth, manifesting money in a way that does not break you, making money stick as opposed to becoming a circular millionaire, and learning how to effectively handle that abundance.    


Often, money is not the problem, but it’s what we do with it. Tune in and discover the intrinsic value of money and determine how to create true and lasting wealth in your life!

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Episode Highlights:

04:56 Spend and Grow Rich 

11:27 “So What” to “So That”

16:31 Make Money Stick

24:13 Wealth vs Rich 

28:35 Break the Pattern 

32:55 The Key Word is VALUE

36:40 Spend with Consciousness

41:39 Learn How to Handle the Abundance

46:07 How to Create True Wealth

53:04 Write It Down