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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jan 25, 2022

“All the things that you have that you don't want, you're creating them. But also all the things that you do have that you do want, you are creating them. We create our reality.” -Jen Hardy


What do faith and fear have in common? —  They both stem from things we cannot see. Where you’re putting your energy is what makes the difference. Master Certified NLP Coach Jen Hardy learned that the life we desire is on the other side of fear. It may be a hard journey to take, but it can be simple and doable on our part. In this episode, Jen relates how a simple 5-minute conversation changed her life and the lives of others who applied this simple rule. Daniel and Jen also share tangible practical steps we can take to combat fear, unleash our power, and be DANGEROUSLY C.U.T.E. Learn what CUTE stands for and how these values can help us create our reality! 



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Episode Highlights:

03:24 Dangerously CUTE

08:26 Tap Into the Courage Inside 

13:15 How to Overcome the Fear

19:41 You’re Never Too Old

27:17 You Create Your Reality 

30:13 On the Other Side of Responsibility 

36:15 Leap and the Net Will Appear