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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jan 4, 2022

“You have a choice to sit there and be stuck and keep having that negative mindset. Or you can flip it around and use it as your superpower to break through walls and accomplish things that other people would have extreme difficulty doing.” - Collin Mitchell


Collin Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur and the host of Sales Transformation Podcast. He has founded 3 successful businesses and is currently working on his fourth. But there is more to this amazing man than meets the eye. Collin lived a very hard life. As he grew up watching his mother struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table while his father was in prison, he knew what he did not want to become. So he worked his way up, overcoming each problem, and at 25, he was able to build his very first business. It may sound like a common rags to riches kind of story, but he will tell you it's not all that! 


This week, Collin relates his story and the secret to his success in such a short period of time. Daniel and Collin also talk about how not to be a salesy salesman, how to tap into your experiences to be a more skilled entrepreneur, and how to build a solid foundation by developing a resilient mindset. Collin was not only focused on growing his business. He also invested and worked on his personal growth, which apparently is a prerequisite to success. Tune in for tips on how to be more productive and gain more energy to do all that you have to do. 

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Episode Highlights:

01:51 Work On Your Mindset

06:48 Move Forward

12:02 How Sales Change Life

15:35 Learn From Experience: How To Produce Sales

18:54 Learn From Experience: How To Manage People

23:00 Your Decisions Don’t Define You

26:43 Love The Challenges

28:33 3 Tips for More Success

32:10 3 Hacks to be More Productive