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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Oct 26, 2021

“If you are a leader, earn that title. Stand in the back. Don't abandon them just because times got hard.” -Rachel Beck


Effective leadership breeds unity, success, and many wonderful things. It is a highly esteemed position desired by many, but only a select few will truly manifest what true leadership means. Leadership is earned as we will learn from today’s episode with motivational speaker and author, Rachel Beck. Tune in as Daniel and Rachel uncover the layers of what makes a leader and how exactly is that title earned. They also talk about the unending social issue of racism and prejudice and how empathy and respect can end this war on equality. Change is a grand momentous moment, and we’re seeing evidence of it through little acts of genuine kindness. And everybody, regardless of age, gender, or background can be part of this change we so dream of. It only takes a good heart willing to serve others.   

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Episode Highlights:

02:01 Humanizing Social Media

06:25 Why Show Empathy and Respect

12:26 Earn Leadership

18:31 Choose to Get Back Up

24:46 Be Part of the Solution

30:29 You Are Responsible for Your Words

36:42 Be Part of the Change

39:42 Embody Who You Are