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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Mar 16, 2021

“Anytime there's a long process, there's long beautiful growth at the end of it.” - Jesse Cruz


Every single person has a unique gift. But pursuing it can be quite a challenge especially if adversities come one after another. What can help? In this episode, Daniel sits with Jesse Cruz to discuss how to pursue one’s God-given gift to bring hope and encouragement to the world.  Jesse shares some of his adversities in life and how he was able to overcome it. Learn how setting the growth at the end of the process becomes worth it. If you feel you lack confidence and perseverance to cross that fear line, listen to Jesse as he speaks from his heart to share messages of hope and encouragement. Use these tips to keep pushing forward in reaching your dreams!


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Episode Highlights:

02:18 Readjust Relationships

08:22 Overcome Self-Doubt

13:12 Likes Don’t Equate Love

15:57 Share God-Given Gifts With Others

21:43 Live Your Dash, Stay In Your Lane

23:50 Focus On Little Things

29:02 Overcome Vulnerability: Share Your Pain