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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Feb 23, 2021


"You matter and you are so loved. Sometimes you don't have to hear it, you just have to feel it in your gut because no one else will love you the way that you know you will love you and take care of you." 


Have you ever felt burdened by the thought that you're not good enough for your dreams? Craft your experiences and rewrite your journey. Today, Daniel and Queen connection, Dr. Angelica Underwood talks about how to manifest your dreams and dare to live life. Doubt and fear of failure are symptoms of a deadly disease. They kill a person's dreams and his chance to live and enjoy life. Daniel and Angelica drop some wisdom on how to overcome the feeling of uncertainty and the fear of asking and receiving help- skills needed for success. They also share helpful advice on turning your ideas into reality and how to keep going on when you feel like giving up. Tune in and find out how to change your present. Stop putting your dreams on hold. Play life's bigger game! 

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Episode Highlights:

02:38 Connecting With People

09:18 Asking & Receiving Help

17:13 Life Is An Experience

24:15 Emotional GPS

31:03 Live Bigger!

36:27 The Inner You