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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Oct 20, 2020

“Anything that is created is created out of what you have… So invest in yourself.” -Karen Briscoe

How do you go about watching your expenses and still do investments? Is that even possible? Daniel and Karen Briscoe, author of 5 Minutes Success, answer these life-changing questions. In this episode, you’ll learn why many agents don’t last long, how to overcome real estate challenges, what investment can give you the best ROI, why following up is a must, why establishing a process is vital in your road to success, how to create a meaningfully successful life, and how to properly utilize time. Like any endeavor, you are bound to go through some rough times and rejections. But you can always use a graec shield and see how things work out for the best. Tune in and live the dream!


Be Inspired with Daniel: 


Episode Highlights:

01:27 Stand Up, Woman!

07:08 How to Overcome Real Estate Challenges

12:02 It Is Your Responsibility to Follow Up

16:40 Activity Blocking 

20:32 5 Minutes Success

28:00 Give Your Clients Grace Shield 

33:00 Flip Over- The Way to Make Everything Meaningful

38:30 If I Can, You Can!