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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 15, 2020

It’s time to move yourself out of the excuses zone — permanently! When Tony Whatley started his business, he was $40,000 in debt and working 3 jobs with a newborn baby and an angry ex. Five years later, he sold the business for multiple millions.

By the time you listen to finish listening to Daniel and Tony’s chat, you will be fired up and ready to take massive action in your life. You will learn about eliminating false ceilings and limiting beliefs, ditching the excuses, skill building and more!


06:50 The fear of public speaking
10:13 Skill building and practicing
13:44 Focusing on the worst case scenarios
20:27 Creating false ceilings instead of goals
21:33 Intermediate entrepreneurship
24:37 Excuses
28:12 The people you surround yourself with
28:12 “It’s the circle of people that you surround yourself with that keep you in those excuse patterns.
31:19 Improving consistency
34:06 The One Thing
36:48 What does success mean to Tony Whatley?
50:19 Living like the sheep at 71%

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