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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Dec 31, 2023

“Leadership starts with you leading yourself. If you cannot lead yourself, do not dream to lead other people. If you are given a position to lead other people without leading you, you will cause more problems.” —Wale Adekanla

Effective leadership is the lifeblood of any successful organization. While leadership styles may vary, truly impactful leaders share certain qualities that allow them to inspire and move their teams to higher levels of performance. At their core, great leaders understand that leadership is not about titles or positions, but rather about one's ability to consistently add value, solve problems, and empower others. 

This week, Wale Adekanla joins Daniel to share insights applicable to any stage of leadership. Wale is an international executive coach, business consultant, and author. He has worked with leaders across various industries, helping to develop individuals and organizations through customized mentorship programs.

Join in as Daniel and Wale talk about cultivating inner confidence as a leader, creating a culture of momentum in the organization, how culture and mindset can overcome any strategy, and the effect of training and equipping new leaders coming into positions.


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Episode Highlights:

03:45 Leadership Means Self-Improvement

10:24  Invest in Training 

17:15 Culture Eats Strategy

21:03 A Culture of Movement

26:54 Leadership Development and Growth

33:30 Leadership Principles  

36:11 God Has Never Failed