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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Dec 10, 2023

“You have a 100% track record of living through a bad day. And sometimes, you just beat yourself up.” —Dr. Emily Letran


Envisioning our future self has the power to provide the motivation we need to take bold steps forward. When we focus on the opportunities ahead rather than our current limitations, we can unlock new ideas and pathways to growth. 

This episode features a powerful conversation with Dr. Emily Letran, a successful business owner, speaker, and coach who came to America as a refugee with nothing and through hard work built a very successful career and businesses. She now enjoys helping others achieve their dreams and reach their highest potential through her coaching, mentoring, and motivational speaking.

Tune in as Daniel and Dr. Letran dive into the importance of having a giving mindset and supporting others in achieving their dreams. They also talk about the importance of focusing on your future self, the foundations of success, the need to be your biggest supporter, tips for business acceleration, and how small acts of service can create a bigger impact. 


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Episode Highlights:

04:53 Achieving Your Desired Future

10:38 2 Steps to Realize Your Goals

15:22 Strategies for Achieving Success 

21:10 The Foundations of Success: Self-Belief and Support

30:04 Creating Impact as a Speaker

37:40 Giving Back to the Community

41:18 Good Enough is Good Enough

47:06 Be Your Biggest Fan  

52:40 Insights on Business Acceleration