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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Oct 18, 2022

"God did not create us to be in a space of lack. He didn't create us to be in a space where we're not powerful beings." -Dr. J.L. Beasley


Fulfilling life— what a wonderful concept! Many works of art and literature depict the idea of a fulfilled life in such a way that it seems almost natural for humans to experience such a state. 


However, if someone is experiencing something that does not feel right, he should examine whether he is living up to his potential or not. Many in history have tried to achieve success only to find that their efforts lead nowhere but back to their starting point— again and again. 


Fulfilling life can be found through realistic expectations of oneself and learned lessons from God's strength within each human being each day. That's what Her Sisu founder, Dr. J.L. Beasley learned about living a purposeful life. Today, it is her passion to keep helping others overcome the roadblocks to their dream life and helping them live the life they're meant to have.


In this episode, Daniel and Dr. J.L. discuss how we can move out of living a superficial life and manifest our desires from a place of power. They also talk about how a lack of accountability creates roadblocks in our journey, how our sense of self-worth affects how we show up in the world, why we were endowed with the ability to create, the 5 Whys Technique, 3 Steps we can take to live our purpose, and why we should keep going even if we don't see results immediately. 

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Episode Highlights:

02:34 What Blocks Us

06:56 The 5 Why's

13:41 Start from a Place of Power

21:10 The Purpose of Our Ability to Create

29:41 Act in Your Purpose

35:01 How to Make Affirmations Work

41:33 Are You in Sisu? 

44:54 Are You Ready?