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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Oct 11, 2022

 "I can't rely on the leadership above me to do all the leadership work, I got to lead myself. And I've got a responsibility to lead those that I lead." -Dennis La Rue


Leaders are not born. They are made. And they are made by the relationships they build with others.


But relationships are complex and they require (A LOT) of forgiveness, understanding, and sacrifice. This is especially true when a person breaks your trust. 


In this episode, we will learn how great leaders continue to build relationships even after major heartbreaks. International Transformational Change Agent Dennis La Rue looked up to one person, who later betrayed and hurt him. But Dennis would not let that awful experience stop him. After he has healed, Dennis found purpose in leading others out of the pain and inspiring them to trust again.


Listen in as Daniel and Dennis talk about how our emotional baggage can affect our next relationships, how we can get our relationships in the right order, how to manage our expectations of others, why we should ask for help immediately, and Dennis' advice for better relationships.

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Episode Highlights:

01:44 What LDR Means

07:39 When You've Been Hurt

14:08 Why It's Okay to Ask for Help

21:00 The Doorway to Creating More Wholesome Relationships

27:00 How You Leave One Place Affects How You Enter The Next One

32:24 Work on Your Relationships

35:34 Best Relationship Advice

38:50 Go All In, Go All Out

41:14 Relationship is a Currency