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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 2, 2022

“I choose to live out of my imagination and not my memory. So many times, we live in the past. It's not where I am. I'm going to the future. So I'm going to live out of my imagination.” -Cynthia Caughie

Do you feel like you're just not getting any better? — It's a common feeling, and one that can make us feel like we're stuck. We don't know what to do, and we don't know how to change.

The problem is that we often don't know what "better" even means. If we were able to define it, then maybe we could make some progress on it—but until then, we'll just keep spinning our wheels and trying new things and hoping they work out.

And if that's the case, then where do we start? The secret? It starts with YOU! The key to success is within us and our willingness to do the hard work. 

YOU Can Do Hard Things author, Cynthia Caughie puts the emphasis on the word YOU. In this episode, Daniel and Cynthia discuss how we can build confidence and courage with grit, how we can let go of our past and live for the future, what can help awaken our entrepreneurial spirit, and why we should aim for new experiences. 

But in order to take our first step, we should have a clear picture of what we really want to achieve. This begs the question, “Who am I? What am I?” Tune in as Daniel and Cynthia helps us answer these life-changing questions.   


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Episode Highlights:

03:14 Life Changes From a $99 Ticket 

09:47 From a Business Owner to a True Entrepreneur

18:14 Build Your Confidence with Grit

24:33 All Starts and Ends With You

28:46 YOU Can Do Hard Things

34:40 The Hardest Question to Ask?

38:11 Your Journey Starts Within