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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Apr 26, 2022

“Your life will never surpass your belief about who you think you are and what you're worthy of.” -Jack Matthews


Ever wanted something so bad that you felt like you needed it, or that you'd be lost without it? If so, there’s only one word for you: "Attraction." Your thoughts emit a certain frequency, and these thoughts tend to bring what "you're focused on" to you. But the first step in that is to first know your worth. But this part gets a little messy. If your worth is already defined for you by others or even yourself, it becomes much harder to recognize your value on your own accord.


In this episode, Daniel and FansPlan CEO, Jack Matthews share how to overcome feelings of unworthiness, break self-sabotaging habits, adn magnetize your miracles. They also discuss steps that can help you unlock your potential, awaken your warrior mind, and play the bigger game. 


If you have a vision to succeed, but feel that you've been getting the short end of the stick, you’re in the right place! Tune in!

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Episode Highlights:

03:31 Know Your Worth

05:42 Wealth is in the Mind 

08:04 Warrior Mentality

11:12 Beware of These Self-Sabotaging Habits

14:25 Magnetize Your Miracles

18:00 Play the Global Game

22:05 Stomp Through Life

28:29 Never Stop Having Fun

31:33 Be Loving