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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Feb 22, 2022

“Patience is the big play. If you do enough good things, good things come back. But you have to be patient because there are many other factors at play that you don't have access to or know just yet.”  -Jay Maymi


There are so many things that go into being an entrepreneur. But one of the most important things is actually being successful, and we mean, thrivingly successful. Certainly, nobody wants to be an entrepreneur in title only. But what can we do to attain that level of success, especially when things are not going our way? First, we need a game plan.


Learn how to craft a clever strategy for every battle you face as Daniel sits with speaker, author, Empowerment Specialist, and thriving entrepreneur, Jay Maymi. Daniel and Jay share what being an action-taker really stands for and how to grow into one. They also discuss how to examine if you are really ready to walk the entrepreneur’s path, play the game of patience, pursue the next version of you, beat your invisible enemies, outsmart the traps that cause many to get stuck and become a sales master. 


Change is a very weighty matter. If you are truly serious about changing for the best, this episode can help you do just that! Tune in until the end and discover two underrated strategies to be successful in ANYTHING, and one often forgotten resource that we all have but are not fully tapping into.

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Episode Highlights:

02:24 The ActionTainer

06:32 Not an Entrepreneur in Title Only

11:36 2 Things to be Successful In Anything

16:51 The Spiritual Gift of Goodbye

23:47 Run the Race the Right Way 

27:29 Winning Against Your Invisible Enemies

36:13 The Sales Professional Mentality

40:44 HE’s Got Our Back