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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Feb 8, 2022

“Where expectation lies, disappointment resides. So stop expecting and start respecting the process.” -Zondra Evans


There is a saying that goes, “Done is better than none”.  A lot of people want to start a business but are afraid of failure. And more than that, they don’t know where to begin! This causes a lot of anxiety, which in turn results in the delay of their success. But hey! We are not talking about getting to the finish line; we are simply talking about taking action, today… right now. 


In this episode, Daniel sits with Zondra TV’s very own Zondra Evans. Daniel and Zondra talk about the necessary steps in order to get to where you want to go, namely hiring yourself, finding your identity, doing the faith walk, being courageously intentional, and reconciling with yourself. Tune in as they discuss how each step can help you evolve into the person you are meant to be and be able to serve others as you continue to grow. 

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Episode Highlights:

01:47 Be Crazy Enough to Hire Yourself

06:54 Shed the Corporate Junk  

15:00 Be Courageously Intentional 

19:32 Fire Yourself as the CEO

25:49 Reconciliation with Yourself  

30:14 Done is Better Than None

36:01 Creating is an Action

39:06 Stop Fighting It