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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Feb 1, 2022

“Give away what you want to get.” -Luis Camejo


As a young man, Luis had to face the challenge of figuring out what it is that he really wants to do in life. His heart was set on soccer, but after losing that opportunity, Luis had to open many doors until he finally found what was it that ignites the fire inside his heart. Today, Luis together with his brother Luis Alfonso “Fonzi” can say they found their passion with BizBros and helping entrepreneurs through their “Content Machine”.


In this episode, Luis relates what that journey was like and how positive energy and charisma made a huge difference in their business. Daniel and Luis also discuss how to create consistent media content for your business, unlock your capacity, grow your resources, and expand your relationships. But even with hard work, sometimes things will not work as we want them to. When this happens, exclude giving up on your options and listen to what Luis has to say! 


The world is big and it has plenty to offer. Allow yourself to dream bigger. Go out there and have more! 



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Episode Highlights:

03:22 Bring the Energy in Your Biz

09:05 Possibilities are Limitless

17:04 Dream Bigger!

23:40 Every Company is a Media Company

30:14 People Need YOU

33:06 Golf Mentality

39:39 Little Things

41:07 How to Get Back a HundredFold