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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jan 18, 2022

"When it's time to grow, you have to be uncomfortable. Nothing worth having is easy in this life…" -Fred Lennartz


“It never was a question of whether He was going to take care of us, it was when are we going to get to the place where we feel confident enough with our foundation to take the leap out.” -Lou Ramirez


We’ve all been guilty of putting off something we should be doing, whether it be simple things like getting up in the morning or bigger things like pursuing our dreams. It is easy to get trapped in waiting for the “right time” to do something when by now, the time in question is way overdue. Sometimes, we get stuck in the “excuse zone” but we are only allowed to stay in it momentarily. Now is the time to get out! But how? 


This week, Daniel sits with the hosts of the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, Lou Ramirez and Fred Lennartz to discuss how to embrace the uncomfortable and uproot the limitations imposed on us. Fred and Lou also share the 5 core values of a “solutionary” and the 3 F’s that can help you build courage, get to the next level, and keep growing. But, what if you still struggle with the question of deservingness? Remember too, that this is a trap. Tune in and hear convincing evidence of your worth and why you should not delay in showing up. 

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Episode Highlights:

05:41 Misconceptions About “Car Guys”

09:12 Don’t Allow Yourself to Forget 

20:01 Love the Uncomfortable

25:25 All Part of Growth!

31:10 Being Able to Receive Properly

38:29 You Are Good Enough

43:40 There is One

45:48 Perspectives Matter

48:00 5 Core Values of a Solutionary