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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Dec 21, 2021

“Everybody says they want to change. But if you stay where you're at, you'll be where you're at. You can't stay where you're at. All you can do is go ahead and increase you.” - Alan Asp


We all will experience being at rock bottom at some point in our lives. Others have gone through it, while for some, it's happening in the present. If you're currently facing adversities, keep your hopes up because you are not alone in this battle. And remember that there is a better tomorrow- always. 


Alan Asp was at his lowest when he was in his late 40’s. Many would think it is a ripe age to find stability in life, but for Alan, it was all going downhill. But a decade later, this man who had to borrow gas money from his mom and pitch a tent in the woods just so he could attend his daughter’s graduation, is now a well-respected bestselling author and multimillionaire. In this episode, Alan shares 5 lessons he learned about changing the future and living forward. Daniel and Alan also share what 500 books can do for you, why a lot of work is needed to change, and how obeying one commandment can mean a promising future for you. Believe in yourself and redefine your present. You can overcome even the impossible if you think forward. Tune in and learn how to think like a multimillionaire!

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Episode Highlights:

02:53 What It Takes To Change

11:27 Principles To Become A Multimillionaire

19:25 The Importance Of Network

23:00 Honoring Your Parents Brings More Blessing

27:31 The Importance Of Giving

37:58 Forward Thinking

40:47 Invest In Yourself

45:16 Partner with God