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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Dec 14, 2021

“You never achieve your success. You always chase your success!” - John Knotts


Do you feel defeated in life? Sometimes, we may feel that what we do in life is not enough. However, comparing your achievements to another’s success is a trap. Rather, choose to become the creator of your life and you’ll find unbelievable success. But, where do you start? In this episode, Daniel and John Knotts, the Success Incubator will let you in on some amazing tips on making a clear plan and walking a sure path to success. Learn the difference between purpose and mission and how knowing it can speed up your process, the challenges that may hinder you and how to overcome them, how to make wise decisions in life and in business, and 3  enduring thoughts to help you design and create your life. Believe in yourself! You are a diamond waiting to shine! 

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Episode Highlights:

04:09 The Success Incubator

08:27 Focus On Knowing Your Purpose

11:03 The Scale Challenge

14:26 Becoming Unbelievably Successful

20:48 Finding Your Purpose Starts With You

25:05 What Hinders Your Goal

32:36 How To Make A Change In your Life

41:16 Making A Decision Is A Choice

44:27 Be That Creator In Your Life

50:42 3 Thoughts to Start Designing Your Life