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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Nov 23, 2021

“There's no such thing as perfection. Imperfection is perfection and that is how we learn and grow. Just get it up there and take bold action because it's never going to be perfect. But if you don't do anything, that is failure.” - Kimberly Seltzer


What does your wardrobe say about you? We often dress to express what we feel, but sometimes, our experiences can cause us to lose our self along the way, affecting how we manifest on the outside. Being in a toxic relationship, going through struggle after struggle, an overwhelming pile of family obligations- there is just so much that can rob us off of feeling our worth. But there is a way to bring that back! In this episode, Daniel and Kimmy Seltzer discuss how we lost self-love, what keeps us from loving ourselves even when we know we should, and how to rebuild our lost confidence. As an Image Expert, Kimmy shares her signature formula to make our charisma glow: the Charisma Quotient. Tune in and learn how you can be in congruence with how you feel inside and how you market yourself to others. Confidence is experience. Wear that red dress, put on your high heels, and walk the runway. Don’t let the present simply slip away. Image does matter. You ought to be showing up as the best version of yourself!

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Episode Highlights:

02:18 The Power And Limitations of Self-Love

10:42 The Charisma Quotient

12:33 Why Image Is Important

21:59 Embrace and Embody An Opportunity

29:58 A Holistic Approach to Get Results

35:01 See Where Confidence Lands You

40:11 Imperfection is Perfection