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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Nov 16, 2021

“You can be successful in sales without compromising your values. Being a good person will go a long way to being successful in sales.” - Harry Spaight


Have you ever met a pushy, pitchy salesperson and wondered if that’s how you sound like when talking to your customers? Sometimes, we do wish the business would grow itself without sales. But sales is the very foundation of business and it also plays a major role in your personal development journey. This week, Daniel sits with Harry Spaight, author of Selling With Dignity. Learn how developing your skills can help you in times of adversities, live with no excuses, build your character, and become more in business and in life. Stop painting your windows black. Whatever you do, this is all on you. Other people’s opinion of what you can and cannot do should not become your reality. You can be a salesperson without the smell of desperation. This is “sales made easy!” Tune in!    

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Episode Highlights:

04:11 Painting The Windows Black Depends On Us

11:04 Embody Your Role

17:40 Learn In Life, Develop Skills And Reflect

22:52 I Am A Winner!

32:59 Invest In Yourself

37:37 No Excuses

41:02 Endurance Brings Success