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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Oct 19, 2021

“Don't retire because retirement has a fatality and an end to it. Let's re-fire because you were created to continually expand, to give full expression of all of the gifts, the talent, and the very purpose that God placed in you.” - Ike Ikokwu


No risk, no adventures. Discover your true purpose as Daniel and Ike Ikokwu, “The Financial Independence Coach”, prepare you to ignite your passion and vision. In this episode, you will discover how to leverage your community, deal with the haters, manage negative emotions, and break the monotony that makes life idle. This is not the time to retire! There is more to life and it is waiting for you to set out on your journey. Embrace the idea of wonders. Tune in and REFIRE your drive! 

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Episode Highlights:

05:36 We Are Wired For Community

08:35 Start A Conversation And Reach Out

11:32 Re-fire And Determine Your Purpose

16:14 No Risk, No Adventure

21:45 Imagination, Creativity, And Innovation

26:47 Live In Your Purpose

30:17 The Potential Inside You