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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Oct 5, 2021

“You have to stop listening to yourself, and start talking to yourself. That’s the key to success!” - Brad Blazar


Do you fear the unknown? This week, Daniel and Brad Blazar, the “$2 Billion Guy” reveal one thing about fear that will change your life forever! In your journey to the summit, you will face countless obstacles and meet people that will drag you down. Let go of the fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. Instead, realign your trajectory and understand business systems and principles that the most successful entrepreneurs utilize. This episode is set up to help you position yourself to be the big man that people will want to do business with. Tune in as Daniel and Brad discuss how you can activate your prey drive, focus on your goals, avoid complacency, and create a mission statement to motivate you in life and in your business. They also talk about the things you should expose yourself to and accelerate your growth. Bet on yourself and achieve greater things. Discover the hidden “key to success” and reach that 9-figure mark! 

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Episode Highlights:

03:52 The Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset

13:11 Activate Your Prey Drive 

19:49 Open the Door to the Big Things In Life

26:53 The Key To Success

30:59 Find Your Purpose

35:58 You Control Your Destiny