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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Sep 7, 2021

“Continue to dream because dreams can come true. At times we're living in nightmares instead of our dreams, because we're not taking the steps necessary to make these dreams come true.”  - LaChelle Adkins


Stop allowing opportunities to pass by! Overcome your fears and welcome each possibility that comes your way. In this episode, Daniel and LaChelle will help you go down the path of becoming the new you. Hear valuable insights on how you can grow and become a greater person, be in charge of your life, stay true to your values, gather the strength to keep persevering, and overcome the ego that makes it difficult to rise. Keep dreaming and work hard until you reach those dreams. Don’t let anything stop you from flying high. Tune in and discover the secret to a life with no excuses, only dreams come true. 

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Episode Highlights:

04:25 Work On Your Mindset: Have A Can Do Attitude

15:15 Become The New You

19:00 Focus On The Positive And Put Your Best Foot Forward

23:52 There Is No Overnight Success

28:51 We Are All  On The Same Level

34:15 Be Transparent

40:02 Remember That You Are Enough