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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jun 22, 2021

 “If you're not failing, you're not taking enough risk.” - Chris Bello


What is the percentage of you getting closer to your dreams today? A hundred percent! Unless you let fear stop you, everything you do today is a step closer to your goals. In this episode, Daniel sits with Chris Bello, the host of the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast to talk about the things that can either push you closer or pull you away from your dreams. They also discuss how to view failures and experiences, get laser focused, and pivot to become happy and accomplished in life. Be open to possibilities because everything happens for a reason. Tune in and discover the secret to multiplying your impact and income! 


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Episode Highlights:

04:06 Focus Makes More Impact and Income

11:15 Failure Goes with Risks

15:17 Stubbornness Kills Your Dreams

21:26 Get Laser Focused

23:33 Ask Big

26:56 Be Authentic

29:12 Go Back To What You Want

35:56 Good Is The Enemy Of Great

37:42 Less Dreaming, More Doing