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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jun 15, 2021

“You haven't written your story yet so don't give up. You can come from nothing and become more than you ever believed.” - Jennifer Jerald


Are you stuck in your dark spot? Some things that we go through may be consequences of our decisions but most of them simply are beyond our control. Whatever we go through is a mere page of our story, the rest is for us to fill with beautiful adventures. Reach out and overcome any tragedy in your life. Today, Daniel and Jennifer Jerald, a transformational life coach and best-selling author,  will help you rise into the light and become the best version of yourself. Life is giving you one more shot to shine, will you take it? Tune in for powerful tips on how you can continue moving forward and write your own success story. 

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Episode Highlights:

03:33 Overcome Tragedies

12:53 Shine Bright In Your Own Light

17:37 Create Your Own Success Story

19:17 Confidence is Courage To Try One More Time 

26:35 Open The Door To Your Heart And Realize Your Purpose

32:17 You’re Unique; Value Yourself