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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jun 1, 2021

“Remember, as a man, we don't have fins, but we swim deep down under the waters; we don't have wings, but we fly in the sky. Because we are limitless, we can do anything that we put our heart and mind into.” -Rizwan Rashid


Do you feel as though you are living in someone else’s dream? Get out of your comfort zone and find your true self. Today, Daniel and Rizwan Rashid will help you connect with your inner self and align it with your purpose in life. They also talk about how the power of focus can give you strength to keep you moving forward. Tune in for powerful tips on how you can pivot to do what you intended to do and act despite your weakest moment. Continue to grow, learn and adapt to change.


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Episode Highlights:

02:45 Align With Your Purpose

09:53 Power Of Focus

15:07 Make It Or Break It

21:04 We Are Limitless

25:05 Pivot And Adapt To Change

29:10 Entrepreneurs Have To Have A Story