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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 18, 2021

“When something happens, you pivot. You find an alternative way to overcome that major challenge that you are faced with. And when you understand that God is with you, wherever you go, there's nothing you can overcome.” - Regeline Sabbat


How do you cope after experiencing trials and tribulations? Don’t get paralyzed, never give up, and take action! Today, Daniel and Regeline Sabbat share how you can pivot and get through difficult times in your life and in your business. Learn why growth is considered the beauty of life and why you should continue growing in all aspects of your life.Tune in, stay focused, and maintain a resilient mindset!

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Episode Highlights:

03:51 Growth Defined

07:26 Take Precautions and Maintain Spiritual Health

14:14 Servant Leadership Shown in Resiliency

23:38 Overcoming Entrepreneurship Challenges

29:10 Act and Keep Growing

33:11 Be Your Authentic Self