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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 4, 2021

“Don’t give up even though there’s a lot of obstacles that might come your way… Things could be worse. Figure what you can do to move forward.” – Gina Barbera

Have you ever thought of giving up? You are not alone. Everyone goes through wilderness-like seasons, what differs is how each one responds to the adversities in life. Today, Daniel and Gina Barbera, a successful serial entrepreneur,  reveal how love and passion for what we do make an impact on our will to go forward. Tune in for powerful tips on getting out of your comfort zone and embracing changes! 


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Episode Highlights:

03:09 Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Embrace Change

06:45 The Only Limit You Can Have

11:48 Be Passionate: Love What You Do

13:44 You’re Not Alone: Reach Out And Get Involved

14:56 Have Fun!

19:17 Key To Being Consistent

24:46 Care And Acknowledge People

27:47 Recreate And Start Over