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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Apr 27, 2021

“We should live life as the one to climb the highest mountain in the world, in anything and everything that drives us and moves us.” - Tony Pollard


Have you lost your drive after having failures after failures? Perhaps, a different perspective might help. Today, Daniel and Tony Pollard, a nationally recognized leader, teach how owning our failures, challenging ourselves, and stepping out of our comfort zone elevate us to our goal. Tune in for powerful tips on creating a bigger vision for your life and conquering your objectives!


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Episode Highlights:

03:30 Own You Failures

09:05 Challenge Yourself

16:15 See Something More For Yourself

22:41 Climb The Highest Mountain!

26:58 Have Courage, Resilience, And Discipline

28:27 Be Willing To Make Life A Marathon

33:46 Set Up A Schedule