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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Mar 30, 2021

“Don't wait, be an action taker.” - John Lee Dumas


Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone is able to succeed. What makes the difference? In this episode, Daniel sits with John Lee Dumas to discuss the journey to achieve a successful business. John shares key points and virtues needed to attain your goal and guarantee a successful outcome. Learn how knowing your zone of fire makes an impact towards triumph. If you feel discouraged by failures, listen to John as he helps you become an action taker and transform you at your best!


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Episode Highlights:

03:13 How to Find the Best Solution To Your Problem aka "Your Zone Of Fire"

04:46 Successful Business Mindset

07:58 “The Common Path To Uncommon Success” - 17 Core Foundational Principles

09:51 Create Your Content Production Plan

12:25  Faith, Confidence and Hard Work - Key Ingredients To Everyone’s Journey