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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Mar 9, 2021

“You have more to offer. You need to get in a position where you can impact more people-Dave Foy


Two notorious assailants are lurking around and are still out to find their next prey. Fear and comfort have victimized many and they don't realize it until it dawns on them that unhappiness is the only word to describe their journey. In this episode, Daniel and Dave Foy, host of the top-ranked podcast The Fixed Ops Mastermind discuss effective strategies to pass through fear and break-away from comfort. Dave also talks about grabbing the opportunity when it presents itself, leadership with wisdom, and extending impact to a greater degree. Anything can be an obstacle or an advantage- depends on how you see and use it. Tune in and find your stride!

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Episode Highlights:

03:55 Comfort & Fear

08:32 How To Overcome Fear

13:57 Tips In Transforming Your Thinking

23:10 Open Up Those Windows

25:13 A Complex Man

28:21 Evolve Or Die