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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jan 12, 2021

"We don't always have to make it to the goal line that we thought we had to reach. We have to move forward and be consistent in that movement. As long as we are moving, God can do something with it." -Altovise Pelzer


 Do you find it hard to find balance in your daily hustle? Have you reached rock bottom and cannot find your way up? If so, this episode will interest you! This week, we expound on growth with Daniel and Altovise Pelzer, host of the #SpeakEasy Podcast. Altovise relates her experience from being homeless to running a business while speaking, writing, podcasting, and making sure she is the mom her kids need. BUSY is the perfect word to describe our everyday life. But doing so many things in a day does not necessarily mean you are growing. Learn how to shift from an entrepreneur mindset to a business owner mindset, and overcome the obstacles to growth. Altovise also shares some practical insights for introverts like her, who cringe at the idea of networking. Lastly, find out how you can show up, speak your voice, and move forward even after a painful past. Growth is a mindset in action. Keep going with the vision of what success means for you. 


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Episode Highlights:

03:27 No Excuses

07:20 The Growth Mindset in Process

13:58 Networking and Introverts

16:21 Showing Up Leads to Surprises

23:10 Go For It!

29:22  What Hinders Growth 

34:16 Keep Moving Forward 

39:25 Time to be Unmuted!