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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jan 5, 2021

“We don't get to pick and choose who comes into our lives and how long we stay in their life. But someone's going to come into your life and open up your heart, or something's going to happen that allows your heart to open back up. When you sense that moment, this is your time to let it go.” -Matt Cubbler 


The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show was named Podcast of the Year in 2020! 


Thank you so much for all your love and support! 


We've survived an eventful year, and now we're starting 2021 with a very timely conversation with our special guest, Matt Cubbler, an Author, Inspirational Public Speaker, and host of Two Dates and a Dash Podcast. We all have deep wounds buried in our hearts that need to be released. Yet, we are conditioned to numb the pain with our busy lives. Today, Daniel and Matt talk about the connection between purpose and dealing with trauma and the feelings that come with it. Matt also shares lessons we can learn about resilience, servant leadership, and clarity from a heartwarming story about his brother, Andy. It's time to let go. Find out how to heal years of pain in a moment and finally be confident to live your purpose! 

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Episode Highlights:

02:54 The Route to Servant Leadership

09:15 A Brother’s Love 

11:45 No Quit 

17:20 How to Find Your Why

20:51 The Gift of a Moment 

26:14 Keep the Clarity

34:14 Outwork Anything with Hard Work