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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Dec 29, 2020

"We're afraid because when we see something unfamiliar, we think it's bigger than us. But we are bigger than anything." -Madeline Faiella


Have you ever doubted yourself thinking you can't be anything big? Well, today's the day you hear something that will blow your mind! Join in as Daniel and Madeline Faiella talk about how you can be the "diva" in your own story. Madeline shares how you can reinvent yourself with a view of productivity, make yourself responsible for your deservingness, resist the urge to sabotage your progress and find your identity. Also, learn how you can train yourself to see good, be motivated by your words, and view your weaknesses as assets. Let your brain know you are in control. Remember that you are bigger than the obstacles before you. If you're tired, don't quit, rest. Tune in and be amazed at what little things can do! 

Be Inspired! with Daniel: 

Episode Highlights:

02:27 Give Yourself Credit 

06:14 One New Thing

11:32 The Question of Deservingness

15:18 Why the Self-Sabotage

19:55 Who Are You?  

23:42 The Appetizer Principle

28:13 Train Yourself to See Good

31:47 You Are Bigger Than Anything

38:03 Don’t Quit, Just Rest