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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Sep 15, 2020

“There're so many people who can be set free with this one simple principle: The problems in your life- you created them through commission (you committed the crime) or through omission (you allowed it)... Own them.” -Joseph Warren


Responsibility is what makes man brave. Only the faint-hearted blame. Today, Daniel and Joseph Warren join together to uncover the secret to having good personal relationships and removing the weight of your problems off your shoulders. They talk about the reason we keep being miserable and disconnected, how to engage in a real forgiveness conversation, how to speak from the heart and get real, how to train others to treat you well, and the one principle that will help you deal with your problems. Your life can be happier. You just have to stop trying to fix it the way you’ve always done. Tune in and discover things you might have been missing all along! 

Be Inspired with Daniel: 

Episode Highlights:

04:41 The One Reason You Feel Empty, Broken, and Exhausted

10:05 The Point of Disconnection

16:05 The Quickest Way to Get to Your Heart

22:36 Quit Going Home Miserable

27:08 The Real Forgiveness Conversation

32:20 Get Real!

36:37 How to Improve Your Personal Relationships 

43:53 One Simple Principle to Help You Deal With All Your Problems

49:44 Be Okay With Walking Away

53:51 Own Your Responsibility