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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Sep 1, 2020

“Regardless of what the experience is... It does not define who we are and it doesn't dictate how we're going to respond for the remaining of our life. We get to decide that at a certain point. We get to take accountability, but the first step is to acknowledge it.”   -Jenny Landon


Have you ever thought of ending it all or know someone who did? Suicide is one of today’s leading causes of death. This week, Daniel interviews Jenny Landon, Founder of the non-profit, Growing Out of  Darkness. Jenny experienced a life-shattering tragedy when she lost her father to suicide. And today, she talks about how healing can still be possible despite the overwhelming pain. You must have heard the statements, “Love yourself.” or “Be kind to yourself.” Those are actually the hardest things to do especially when you’re not sure where to even start. Jenny shares some simple things you can do today to begin your healing journey and how to regain hope when you’re feeling like a failure. Most importantly, Daniel and Jenny discuss how owning your uniqueness can help unlock your confidence. We cannot control certain things in life but we can still get what we want from it. Today’s takeaway: Focus on what experiences you want to have. Tune in and learn how you can stand tall with confidence! 



Be Inspired with Daniel: 

Episode Highlights:

01:56 The Suicide War- Healing Is Possible

07:11 How to be Kind to Yourself

11:57 The Power of Daily Affirmations

16:04 Break Free From Negative Patterns 

21:51 What Causes All The Pain

26:09 The “H” Word 

33:27 When You Feel Like A Failure

38:45 Regain Your Confidence: Own Your Distinctiveness

42:45 What Do You Want Out Of This Life?