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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 18, 2020

“No drama. Serve others.” -Erik Swanson


Are you feeling the JOMO? (Joy Of Missing Out) It’s time you miss those old hustles and step into your awesomeness! Daniel and five-time Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Keynote speaker, Erik Swanson, heat the stage with this fun and didactic convo! Daniel and Erik share the secrets of a great sales guy, strategies to avoid and overcome failure, and stand out as an authentic individual. Erik also talks about how to be awesome, staying in the pocket and pivoting at the same time when things get rough, and his 3 by 3 rule of giving back. If you’re still not feeling that awesomeness vibe, remind yourself: PEA every day. Intrigued? Press play!

Be Inspired with Daniel: 


Episode Highlights:

03:17 The “Habitude” Warrior 

07:40 Do You Feel the JOMO? 

09:42 2 Reasons Why People Fail and 2 Strategies to Turn Around

14:58 Don’t Sell- Invite

19:30 Regain Your Confidence: Strategies to Awesomeness 

27:12 Prospect Yourself

31:18 PK PMA SS

34:44 NDSO & the 3 by 3 Rule

39:42 PEA Every Day!