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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 4, 2020

“Never give up on yourself and don't break the promises that you give to yourself… If you want to have a different life, then you need to act and have the values straight. And that's a huge, huge change that you can do.” -Ragne Sinikas

Having doubts about whether you can really become a leader? Well, the real question is, how can you become a confident leader today! This week, Daniel interviews Ragne Sinikas, Founder of Starpreneurs. Ragne’s mission is to give voice to the voiceless. Ragne talks about differentiating limitations against excuses, how to be prepared for the next big thing in your life, how to be a leader with a heart, how learning builds confidence, and more! So if you say you can and are ready to take on the challenge to be a leader with great impact, but still not sure how to make that happen, don’t skip over on this episode!



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Episode Highlights:

01:23 100 Episodes in 1 Month

07:27 Limitation or Excuse?

17:01 How To Be Prepared For What’s Next 

20:03 Where Leadership Starts

26:05 Gain Control by Letting Go of the Control

29:47 Regain Your Confidence: Keep Learning

34:19 Notice Your People

38:18 Never Give Up On Your Self