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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jul 21, 2020

“Your heart needs to come first. Have faith, morals, and ethics. When you do business with people, do business with them the right way.” -Eric Zuley


Why do many fail to sustain their cause? This week, Daniel interviews Eric Zuley, Master Connector and Multimedia Marketing Mogul on how to keep the fire of confidence burning even before logjams. Eric talks about branding, the eZWay of doing things, values that make a successful businessman, being wise to handle media information, how to earn marketing currency, and more! Listen in for more special treats!


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Episode Highlights:

04:12 The Biggest Mistake In Business

07:57 Confidence with Faith 

13:55 Media and Its Grip

18:31 Have Fun!

23:00 Unify your Gifts

26:22 Earn Marketing Currency

32:01 Don’t Be A Puppet 

35:40 Heart Comes First