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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jul 14, 2020

“The worst thing you can do is teach yourself: ‘I've got an idea. I'm afraid. I don't do.’ That's a cycle that we've all built up inside ourselves. And it's the biggest killer to momentum and success. Instead, you want to say:  ‘I've got an idea. I'm a genius. I'm gonna go do it.’” -Evan Carmichael

“Who am I?” Yup, it’s not only in the movies. To question your purpose is an obligation you must fulfill. In this week’s episode, Daniel sits with Evan Carmichael, an introvert trying to solve the world’s biggest problem: people don’t #believe in themselves enough. Trusting that every individual is capable of more, Evan helps people unlock the best version of themselves and use that to make the world a better place. Sounds like a statement from a kiddie animated movie, but isn’t that the very reason why we are all here?? Evan talks about how to find your purpose and source of power, regain confidence, find belongingness, and more. So if you’re still looking for the answer to that big “why?” of your existence, or just wondering if you are serving deep enough,  don’t miss out on today’s episode!



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Episode Highlights:

02:42 The Question of Purpose

04:50 How To Find Your Power Source 

09:30 The Question of Belongingness 

11:45 Regain Your Confidence: Kick Yourself Forward

15:04 The Scary, The Difficult, and The Hard

17:19 Are You Serving Deep Enough?

20:39 Model Success