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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Jan 29, 2023

"Take the focus off of yourself and look to serve others. When you look to serve others and you're grateful for the opportunity to serve others… then you will see your business flourish, you will see opportunities come your way, you will see your business grow, and you'll be so filled and fulfilled.” —Rick Ornelas

We all know how sad and painful it is to feel not good enough or not worthy enough to achieve something great. These feelings can be difficult to overcome, especially when these negative messages are constantly reinforced by external factors. This can lead to a lack of confidence in ourselves, which ultimately affects our level of fulfillment. 

Therefore, it is important to recognize the power that our beliefs about ourselves have on us so that we can take control over our own lives and make sure that we are living up to our full potential. By taking the time to recognize our own worth, we can gain a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

In this episode, Daniel sits with I Spark Change Founder and Ultimate Success Coach™, Rick Ornelas. Listen in as they share why we sometimes undermine our own success and how we can view ourselves more positively and the value that we bring. They also discuss the important components of leadership, the benefits of being open to receiving, what doors does gratitude open for us, and the real essence of service. 


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Episode Highlights:

03:23 Self-Belief and Success

08:09 What Gives the Most Rewards and Success

14:33 Components of Leadership 

18:50 Be Open to Receive

25:02 Recognize Your Own Value

33:16 Gratitude is the Key

37:00 The Real Essence of Service