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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 24, 2022

“He who jumps the impossible has little competition. It's time to just raise our own standards and not settle for what's mediocre because He's provided us so much more than that.” -Krystal Zellmer


Jump into the impossible! This is a solid call to action—to jump into something that seems impossible for anyone else but us. 


But it could also be taken as a warning—if we do not grab that opportunity, we could leave ourselves vulnerable to someone else who's willing to take the risk. 

The idea is simple and clear: If everyone else is saying it's impossible, then maybe it's not so impossible after all. Maybe it's just a matter of perspective—and if there's one thing we have in spades, it's perspective! If no one else sees what we see in our vision, that means no one else will get there either. So there’s only one way for us to go, and that is up! 

In this episode, Daniel interviews the co-owner of Klemmer Coaching Academy, Krystal Zellmer. Being a young executive left with the legacy of his father to uphold, Krystal felt inadequate and undeserving. But if there’s one thing that does not appear in her dictionary, it’s the phrase “I can’t.” She was able to climb one level after another and become someone others can rely on and look up to. But first, she had to start by overcoming the negative belief system that this society is trying to engrave in all of us. 

Listen in as Daniel and Krystal discuss these common belief systems that get us stuck, what action steps we can take to overcome them, and why being complacent puts us in a dangerous space. Our journey is not well-defined. Sometimes, not knowing you can’t do it is all it takes. 


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Episode Highlights:

03:26 Keeping the Legacy Alive

07:20 Overcoming Subconscious Belief Systems

10:19 Do It Anyways

15:31 Do Not be Complacent in Your Own Success

19:07 Who Dictates the Quality of Your Life? 

26:15 Filter Negative Opinions

30:01 Level Up!

33:01 When You Have Haters 

38:28 You Are Meant for Something Incredible

41:42 Attempt the Impossible