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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 10, 2022

“Keep playing the victim and you will always be the victim. It takes as much energy to create your life as it does to destroy your life.” -Michael Anthony


A lot of people get stuck in how they've been hurt in the past, but are unwilling to heal their wounds. They keep reliving it over and over again yet never creating a compelling plan for their future. It’s not about discounting the pain, it’s all about living the life you deserve after all the traumatic events of the past. It’s time we all do that!  


In this episode, we will explore how to move from victim mentality to empowerment as Daniel interviews Think Unbroken founder, Michael Anthony. Listen in as Michael shares his broken moments and how he responded to his mirror moment and changed his life. They also discuss why we should stop negotiating with ourselves, how our trauma buried our identity, how to evade regret, where toxic masculinity starts, in what context can self-sabotage only exist, how powerful mindset is, and how how to be a hero rather than a victim. 


Blaming other people and the world around us will only steal more time from our own life while preventing the amazing person inside of us from making their way out. “It takes just as much energy to create your life as it does to destroy your life”. So choose to create one that is powerful, confident, happy, and full of abundance!

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Episode Highlights:

01:45 Broken Moments

05:12 Choose Your Catalyst

09:34 No Excuses- Just Results

16:01 Your Truth 

21:09 The Worst Thing to Say 

26:16 The Context of Self-Sabotage

31:25 Who’s Fault Is It? - The Blaming Game

35:27 What Mindset Means

38:54 You Are Worth the Investment