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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 3, 2022

“We stop ourselves from feeling fear because we're uncomfortable. We stop ourselves from feeling happy because we're uncomfortable… So it all comes from the willingness to get uncomfortable.” -Amber Fuhriman


When we admire other people, it may seem like their lives are better than ours. We can't relate to their daily activities, the things they own, or the positions they aspire to. But the real question is, is this what we truly desire? 


What we should focus on is not just the career we want, but the life we want. We may have to work a lot in order to have material wealth, but we learn to sacrifice many things for it, including our happiness. The life we want can start with our very selves— how are we at the moment? 


In this episode, Daniel sits with Success Development Solutions founder, Amber Fuhriman to discuss two opposite factors that hinder us from creating the life we want: fear and happiness. Well, “fear” can keep us from chasing our dreams headstrong, but “happiness”...? Amber and Daniel answer that question as well as inspiring and stirring reasons why perfectionism is not the way to go, why “unbelievable” is an unfriendly word, why a busy life is not a valid reason for putting off what makes you happy, and how being vulnerable helps you overcome fear and guilt, and improve your health and life as a whole. 


The ultimate life we want should be rich with meaning and fulfillment. Tune in and learn how you can create that life for yourself! 

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Episode Highlights:

02:55 How Perfectionism Kills Progress

07:56 What Really Kills Emotions and Humanism

14:03 Allow Yourself to Feel and Blossom

20:46 Don’t Give Your Power of Choice Away

24:22 Acknowledge Your Fear 

29:23 Nobody Relates to Perfect

35:23 Be Willing to Get Uncomfortable

39:01 Don’t Think “Unbelievable”

42:48 The Truth in “I Don’t Care”

46:07 Stop Depriving the People Waiting for You

50:49 Busy is NOT the Problem- What Is?